For kids who flow.

sometimes a he, Sometimes A SHe
Since they were very young my sons have shown an affinity for a wide range of toys, clothes, TV shows, etc. One of my sons in particular loves pink, hair berets, headbands, dresses and painted nails. He wore a dress to his school masquerade this year. He was nervous about it, feared ridicule, but bravely embraced. The other students and faculty, if it bothered them they didn't show it and he had a wonderful time dancing. 
But that won't always be the case. Someone will say he ought to dress the way a boy should dress and play with the things a boy should play with. I say: Clearly he is, because he's fluid. My son says sometimes he feels like a he, sometimes a she. I want him to feel good about figuring out who he is. While he's figuring out who he is, I want to give him more way to feel comfortable. That is why I'm creating the Bash-O-Bash characters. I hope they will enrich the lives of kids and young adults like my son. The growing cast of characters are all shapes and sizes and just about as conforming and nonconforming as they come. I want kids to grow up seeing characters who are joyful, curious and gracious. Who are assertive, get lonely, are shy. Who are well aware that they are different and deal with it in each their own way.
A collaboration
Bash-O-Bash is an active collaboration between my sons and I. We've invented some of the characters together but I have refined a little here and there. (Otherwise they'd all have light sabers and monster trucks.) The three of us are in unison about making characters for kids that are "nonconforming" but not in a heavy handed way. 

Consider supporting Bash-O-Bash on Patreon or by buying character art on Redbubble! As sales grow, we will be able to start creating, selling, and shipping Bash-O-Bash stuff locally, which ultimately is the goal for us.
Parents, please read the note I made just for you at the bottom.
The cast
(so far)
Barclay is the oldest of the bunch, as well as the shyest, most talkative, and easiest to make laugh. His best bud is Buddy James, a small black and white cat.
Rowdy is a lone(ly) wolf bus driver. He likes to boogie, drink coffee, and take good care of his student passengers. He's a dreamer. 
Chat is an old black cat. As cranky as she is, she is more loving than she lets on. Most of the Bash-O-Bash characters know her as someone they can share their feelings with. She will dump out your drink. It's just something she does. 
Fast Fox
Fast Fox, Fox Racer is queen of the speedway. Born a Larry, Fast Fox loves to drag race, tinker, and dress up. She is the youngest member of Bash-O-Bash and is a founding member of the local makerspace. 
Oopsie Orange
Oopsie Orange hasn't finished his day if he hasn't done two things: made a mess and starched his slacks.
To Parents
The Bash-O-Bash characters reflect a range of gender identities but not sexual identities. While being gender queer is a big part of the Bash-O-Bash universe, gender identity is not confused with sexual preference or practice. Bash-O-Bash isn't an avenue to address sexuality, sexual education, and certainly not a place to be sexually risqué or political. So, are any of the characters gay? Bisexual? No. Or yes. Maybe! Not for us to say, really.
There are characters who have chosen to use personal pronouns that may not match their outward appearance. Oopsie Orange, for example, identifies as she/her/her's but presents herself in generally masculine ways, with some more feminine highlights such as lace gloves, bright pinks shoes, etc.
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