You found my portfolio. Way to go! I think you’re a winner. If you’re not already sitting, take a seat and look around. I’m an illustrator and designer in Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife, 6 year old twin boys, two year old daughter, one dog and two cats. (Speaking of animals, be sure to drop by my blog, Doodle Britches, which has little to do with animals.)
I don’t do much web design. I mean I have, and I can. But I’ll tell you, I’m not that much into it. The web doesn’t smell like anything I want to remember. Print does, so I try to focus on that.
I am all up on the web in other ways, though. Find me at the places listed below the contact form.
But most importantly, visit my Patreon page and consider pledging!
Thank you!
you know, I use messenger a lot with clients so there is this thing, too. 
give it a shot if you're down for that.: